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Kilmainhamwood Rentals opened Irelands premiere retirement village in 2002 in Kilmainhamwood, Kells, Co. Meath. The village has 49 semi and detached bungalows with the support of a community centre and a Residential Care home run by Mowlam Healthcare Group.

We are delighted to announce our second development Moate Retirement Village in County Westmeath in the heart of the midlands. The village offers 47 apartments and 6 Townhouses built in the security of the grounds of the former Carmelite college just a five-minute walk to the town of Moate.

We are committed to building more communities in the future to meet the growing need for this type of lifestyle as Irelands’ demographics continues to swing towards a more older and more active population.

Kilmainhamwood Retirement Village is a collection of detached and semi-detached two-bedroom retirement bungalows, which are available to rent or buy. The renting option is a unique concept to this development as it has not been available before in Ireland.

Kilmainhamwood Retirement Village

Kilmainhamwood Retirement Village
situated in Kilmainhamwood,
Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland.

  • Kilmainhamwood offers it's residents a brand new home with brand new appliances. This cuts out the problem if they need to renovate, refurbish or rewire their existing home.
  • Residents will be in a village atmosphere, amongst their peers and will have the company of people in a similar position to themselves. Secure surroundings with neighbours who share the same values.
  • People considering retirement can explore the possibility of relocating to a different area with the safety net that if they do not like it, they can return to their original home. Leases are for 1year, for a lifetime or there is the unique option to lease and then buy.
  • While renting in Kells, leases could generate more income from their own home by also renting that out.

Situated in Kells, Co. Meath there is an abundance of activities, fishing, golf, walks in breathtaking scenery, country houses, gardens and monuments.

Kingscourt, Kells and Navan are close by, where you can enjoy evenings at some of the best hotels , restaurants and pubs in the country.

Kilmainhamwood Retirement Village
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